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Queering the Boundaries of the Arts in the Sinosphere is organized by Tan Diyi, Justyna Jaguscik, Mehmet Berkay Sülek, Jin Sujie and Helen Hess. Our workshop will take place at the Institute of Art History at the University of Zurich via Zoom. It is co-organized by the Chinese Studies at Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies. We are grateful for the financial support by UZH Graduate Campus and Graduate School. This workshop aims to investigate the intersectional layers of times and spaces which shape heterogeneous representations of queerness in the Sinosphere. Besides, we will examine the sites of translating, lost in translation and misinterpreting, as well as the intangible lines between memory and history, body and territory, art and activism.

“华语圈艺术的酷儿越界“由覃笛一、杨爽、Mehmet Berkay Süleck、金素洁、梅蕾共同策划。我们的工作坊将于Zoom举行,由苏黎世大学的艺术史研究所主办,亚洲与东方研究所(中国研究)协办。我们十分感谢苏黎世大学研究生部的经费支持。本次工作坊旨在探究多重时空交叠中华语圈五花八门的酷儿性表述。其次,我们将剖析翻译、漏译和误读之处,还有那些分割记忆和历史、身体和领土、艺术和社运无形的界线。

To join our workshop, please complete your REGISTRATION by May 26. We will send an email to all registered participants with a link to the event, one or two days before the start of the workshop. We look forward to your participation! 听众请于5月26日前报名。我们将于开幕前夕,通过电邮发送会议链接给已报名听众。我们期待您莅临!

👋 If you have any questions or trouble with registration, please write us an email or leave your message here. 如有疑问,请通过以下方式联络我们。

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